Emotional Intelligence and Anger Management

By Hani Hmedeh

Course Structure:

Module 1: Introduction to Emotional Intelligence and Anger Management

  • Recognizing the Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Effective Leadership
  • Understanding the Impact of Anger and its Management on Organizational Dynamics
  • Envisioning the Senior Practitioner's Journey to Mastering Emotional Intelligence and Anger Management

Module 2: Developing Emotional Intelligence and Self-awareness

  • Techniques for Cultivating Emotional Intelligence and Self-awareness
  • Leveraging Self-assessment and Reflection for Greater Self-understanding
  • Balancing Self-awareness with Empathy for Others

Module 3: Understanding Anger and Its Triggers

  • Utilizing Techniques to Understand the Nature and Causes of Anger
  • Techniques for Identifying Personal Triggers and Root Causes of Anger
  • Balancing Self-awareness with Anger Trigger Recognition

Module 4: Anger Management Strategies and Reaction Control

  • Techniques for Managing and Channeling Anger Constructively
  • Leveraging Coping Mechanisms and Relaxation Techniques to Control Reactions
  • Balancing Anger Expression with Thoughtful Response

Module 5: Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution

  • Applying Emotional Intelligence Techniques for Effective Communication
  • Techniques for Navigating Conflict Situations with Empathy and Open-mindedness
  • Balancing Communication Assertiveness with Respectful Dialogue

Module 6: Building Positive Relationships and Team Dynamics

  • Techniques for Fostering Positive Relationships and Team Harmony
  • Leveraging Emotional Intelligence to Strengthen Interpersonal Connections
  • Balancing Team Dynamics with Emotional Intelligence

Module 7: Leadership Influence and Emotional Resonance

  • Techniques for Leading with Emotional Intelligence and Positive Influence
  • Leveraging Emotional Resonance to Inspire and Guide Teams
  • Balancing Leadership Authority with Emotional Connection

Module 8: Creating a Positive Work Environment and Culture

  • Applying Techniques to Cultivate a Positive and Supportive Organizational Culture
  • Techniques for Implementing Policies and Practices that Manage Anger Effectively
  • Balancing Work Environment Enhancement with Organizational Realities

Module 9: Continuous Improvement and Learning Culture in Emotional Intelligence

  • Applying Emotional Intelligence Tools for Continuous Learning, Growth, and Adaptation
  • Techniques for Adapting Strategies Based on Emotional Intelligence Lessons Learned
  • Balancing Emotional Intelligence Stability with an Emphasis on Evolution and Innovation