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Coach, Mentor, and Organizational Project Management Consultant

“ Project Management is the ART of implementing project SCIENCE in a customized manner. ”

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Hani Hmedeh

ani Hmedeh

Founder of Zmaestro, Coach, Mentor, and Organizational Project Management Consultant

About Hani

As you transition from an IT specialist to a project management practitioner, you undergo a transformation from a scientist to an artist. In Hani's view, project management is the art of customizing project science to deliver successful outcomes.

Hani is the founder of Zmaestro, a project management consultancy firm, and Zfactory, an Online services provider. He has a passion for mentoring, coaching, and consulting with decision-makers, founders, portfolio managers, program managers, and project managers to help them overcome challenges and achieve their career goals.

His focus is on developing and delivering programs that foster engaged teams and drive successful outcomes. With his extensive knowledge and expertise, Hani is a highly sought-after professional in the industry. He is committed to helping others achieve their full potential and drive success through effective project management.

Coach, Mentor, and Consultant

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