Practitioner Proficiency

By Hani Hmedeh

Part 1: Mastery in Management and Performance

  • Program Management 101: Understanding interconnected project management within a program
  • Organizational Project Management (OPM) Intro: Aligning projects, programs, and portfolios with organizational objectives
  • Essential Leadership Skills: Advanced leadership principles for managerial excellence

Part 2: Strategic Decision-making and Impact

  • Portfolio Management 101: Prioritizing and aligning projects with strategic goals
  • PMP in Action: Applying PMP certification efficiently in the professional environment
  • Time Management for Key Players: Mastering time management techniques for managerial effectiveness

Part 3: Resilience and Professional Growth

  • Resilience and Peak Performance: Techniques for maintaining composure and delivering results
  • Emotional Intelligence and Anger Management: Managing emotions and cultivating emotional intelligence
  • Influential Leadership in Action: Leading with influence and inspiring teams