Foundational Building Blocks

By Hani Hmedeh

Part 1: Project Management and Leadership Basics

  • Project Management 101: Introduction to project management principles and practices
  • Business Fundamentals: Understanding market dynamics, financial principles, and organizational structures
  • Essential Leadership Skills: Developing fundamental leadership principles

Part 2: Effective Communication and Team Management

  • Navigating New Managerial Frontiers: Transitioning into a managerial role with effective leadership strategies
  • Essential Managerial Toolset: Equipping yourself with core managerial tools for excellence
  • Body Language for Leaders: Mastering nonverbal communication for effective leadership

Part 3: Leading Teams and Stakeholder Engagement

  • Strategic Stakeholder Engagement: Unlocking powerful approaches for stakeholder management
  • Balancing Project Success Factors: Managing scope, time, cost, and quality for optimal project outcomes
  • The Fundamentals of Change Management: Exploring change planning, communication, and employee engagement