Leading Change with Strategic Expertise

By Hani Hmedeh

Course Structure:

Module 1: Introduction to Leading Change with Strategic Expertise

  • Recognizing the Role of Advanced Change Leadership in Organizational Transformation
  • Understanding the Art of Strategic Change Management for Senior Practitioners
  • Envisioning the Senior Practitioner's Journey to Leading Change with Mastery

Module 2: Strategic Change Planning and Visioning

  • Developing Comprehensive Change Strategies Aligned with Organizational Goals
  • Techniques for Crafting Clear Change Visions and Roadmaps
  • Balancing Change Ambitions with Feasibility and Resource Considerations

Module 3: Navigating Change Resistance and Stakeholder Engagement

  • Techniques for Identifying and Addressing Change Resistance
  • Leveraging Advanced Stakeholder Engagement Strategies
  • Balancing Persuasion and Collaboration in Change Initiatives

Module 4: Communication and Change Messaging

  • Implementing Advanced Communication Strategies for Change Initiatives
  • Techniques for Effective Change Messaging, Storytelling, and Transparency
  • Balancing Positivity with Realism in Change Communication

Module 5: Employee Buy-In and Change Adoption

  • Utilizing Strategies to Foster Employee Engagement and Buy-In
  • Techniques for Cultivating Ownership and Commitment to Change
  • Balancing Empowerment with Accountability in Change Adoption

Module 6: Change Implementation and Monitoring

  • Applying Advanced Change Management Techniques for Successful Implementation
  • Techniques for Monitoring Change Progress and Adjusting Strategies
  • Balancing Timeliness with Thoroughness in Change Execution

Module 7: Change Sustainability and Cultural Integration

  • Techniques for Ensuring Long-term Change Sustainability
  • Integrating Change Initiatives into Organizational Culture
  • Balancing Innovation with Respect for Existing Cultural Norms

Module 8: Ethical and Legal Considerations in Change Leadership

  • Addressing Ethical Dilemmas and Legal Implications in Change Initiatives
  • Techniques for Ensuring Ethical Conduct and Compliance in Change Management
  • Balancing Ethical Responsibilities with Strategic Change Objectives

Module 9: Continuous Improvement and Learning Culture in Change Leadership

  • Applying Advanced Tools for Continuous Change Monitoring and Learning
  • Techniques for Adapting Change Strategies Based on Lessons Learned
  • Balancing Stability with an Emphasis on Dynamic Change Evolution