Business Fundamentals

By Hani Hmedeh

Course Structure:

Module 1: Introduction to Business Fundamentals

  • Defining Business Fundamentals and Their Relevance
  • Role of Business Fundamentals in Organizational Success
  • Understanding the Business Environment and Landscape

Module 2: Market Dynamics and Consumer Behavior

  • Exploring Market Segmentation and Targeting
  • Understanding Consumer Decision-making Process
  • Analyzing Competitive Landscape and Market Trends

Module 3: Financial Principles and Analysis

  • Essential Financial Concepts: Revenue, Costs, and Profit
  • Financial Statements Interpretation and Analysis
  • Budgeting and Financial Planning for Business Sustainability

Module 4: Organizational Structures and Functions

  • Differentiating Organizational Structures: Centralized vs. Decentralized
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Key Organizational Functions
  • Building Effective Cross-functional Collaboration

Module 5: Strategic Planning and Goal Setting

  • Formulating Organizational Mission, Vision, and Values
  • Setting SMART Goals and Strategic Objectives
  • Aligning Strategies with Long-term Business Success

Module 6: Leadership and Management Fundamentals

  • Exploring Leadership Styles and Their Impact
  • Essential Management Functions: Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling
  • Nurturing Effective Communication and Teamwork

Module 7: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

  • Understanding Ethical Decision-making in Business
  • Embracing Social Responsibility and Sustainability
  • Building a Positive Organizational Reputation

Module 8: Project Management Integration

  • Role of Project Management in Achieving Business Goals
  • Integrating Project Management into Business Operations
  • Leveraging Project Management Principles for Success

Module 9: Case Studies and Practical Application

  • Analyzing Real-world Business Scenarios and Challenges
  • Applying Course Concepts to Simulated Business Situations
  • Enhancing Critical Thinking and Problem-solving Skills

Module 10: Capstone Project: Business Simulation

  • Collaborative Simulation of a Business Scenario
  • Applying All Learned Concepts to Successfully Navigate Business Challenges
  • Presentation of Capstone Project Outcomes and Insights