Hani Hmedeh

ani Hmedeh

Founder of Zmaestro, Coach, Mentor, and Organizational Project Management Consultant

About Hani

Hani's professional journey is a testament to his remarkable transformation from an IT specialist to a visionary project management practitioner. As he has evolved, so has his perspective on the art of project management, which he believes is about implementing project science in a custom and innovative way.

With over a decade of experience in managing teams in regional and international companies, Hani founded Zmaestro, a project management consultancy firm, in 2018, and Zfactory, an Online services provider specializing in digital transformation, in 2021. Throughout his career, he has supported individuals, groups, startups, and small and mid-level firms in Lebanon, the Gulf, France, and Canada to achieve their professional goals

In addition, Hani is a leading figure in the global project management community, having launched several projects such as pmmagazine.net, an online project management magazine in 2018, and pmdictionary.com, an online project management dictionary in 2023.

Currently, Hani is committed to mentoring, consulting, and coaching project, program, and portfolio managers to overcome challenges and achieve career aspirations. His focus is on developing and delivering programs that foster engaged teams and drive successful outcomes. At the corporate level, Hani serves as a consultant and advisor to companies of different sizes and industries, helping them achieve their next level of Organizational Project Management (OPM) maturity for superior strategic planning outcomes.

Hani's extensive knowledge and expertise make him a sought-after professional in the industry. He is passionate about helping others achieve their full potential and driving success through effective project management.